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Welcome to Scribblespark!

Welcome to Scribblespark Writing Community!

Scribblespark is for anybody who's looking for a fun, friendly community with weekly writing prompt challenges and plenty of constructive and pleasant criticism so that we can all improve as writers. Here, the atmosphere is just as important as the writing; I'd really like to form a tight-knit, friendly place where like-minded people can meet each other and practice writing along the way.  Every week we'll also be voting on the top three pieces, so good luck -  but no pressure!

Anybody interested in writing and commenting on others' work is very welcome - and encouraged! - to join Scribblespark, so don't be frightened to click up there and get stuck in.

There are only a few rules at Scribblespark - firstly, please do not copy anybody else's work or claim it as your own. To most writers - myself included - intellectual property is more important than material property, so please don't abuse the openness of the community! All work is blocked from the view of non-members for this reason. Secondly, adult content - including profane language, sexual content, violence and disturbing themes - is permitted so long as it is clearly labelled as adult content and is placed behind an LJ-cut. Thirdly, please be courteous to other members, and do not flame or insult anybody else's work. If you do have a criticism, please communicate it in a friendly, pleasant manner that would not affront or offend you yourself if you recieved it. Any unpleasant treatment should be reported to myself or any other maintainer. Finally, please, please comment on as many pieces as you can.  For every piece that you submit, it is considered polite to comment, with a decent level of detail, on at least two other pieces - but if you don't always have the time to do this, don't worry about it.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Scribblespark; we hope you're now interested enough to move your mouse over to that link and click 'Join'.  We hope to see your own scribbles sparked off soon!



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Scribblespark Writing Community

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